Employment Services

Security services are provided via concierge (desk officer), mobile and foot patrol, and bike patrol. Twenty-Four-hour real-time monitoring, daily reporting, and onsite security officers for Peace of Mind for our clients.

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Let’s Talk About… Training

In the State of Georgia, armed Security officers must be approved and licensed by the State Board of Private Detective & Security Agencies when performing security services. All armed officers are licensed by the state and must meet annual qualifications. We partner with qualified local state licensed training Instructors to provide these services.

Unarmed Security Officers must complete the 24-Hour Security Training Certificate, and Armed must complete a 40-hour Training Certificate from an approved licensed Georgia state trainer to provide security services in Georgia. 

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Executive Detail & K-9 Services In Georgia

Executive Detail and K-9 Services are offered through third-party services via availability. If you are interested in independent Contracting opportunities, please email us at *info@heyligersecurity.com* and reference “Let’s Talk Independent Contracting “Executive Detail” or “K-9 Services.

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Joint Ventures

If you are a Security business interested in collaborating and seeking joint ventures, “Let’s talk” Please email us at *info@heyligersecurity.com* and reference “Let’s talk Joint Ventures.” We may be able to secure some positive opportunities together.

We will take your information and the work type of services you are interested in providing.

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